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The London Scalextric Club circuit was rebuilt in 2011 from Scalextric Sport track and has 6 lanes ready for analogue racing. The circuit measures 33.35m (109ft) and is painted in grey polythene to create a smooth surface which protects the track whilst allowing grip from the urethane tyres to be laid down. Timing and lap counting is recorded at the start/finish line by a LED bridge and a computer program provides data for race control. Power is supplied at 13.8V to all sections of the track to ultimately ensure fast and competitive racing!

The main straight on the track is approximately 9.45m long

Did you know?

Wood Green International Circuit

Lap Records

Category Time Car Make Driver
GoodWood Green 8.37 seconds Lola T70 MkIII Thunder Slot (SW) I. McLaughlin
Group 5 & IMSA 8.35 seconds BMW M1 Racer Sideways (IN) A. Wilkinson
Sports Cars 7.71 seconds Mosler NSR (AW) A. Wilkinson
TransAm 8.55 seconds Chevrolet Camaro Hornby / Chassis (IN) J. Seechi
Touring Cars 8.68 seconds Alfa Romeo 155 (IN) D. Moore
Grand Prix 7.73 seconds Lotus E21 All Slot (IN) A. Wilkinson
Club Cars 9.19 seconds Mini Cooper Custom (AW) C. Coates
GT & Rally Cars 8.01 seconds Ferrari 458 Black Arrow (AW) J. Seechi
Classic & CanAm 7.99 seconds Lola T70 MkIII Thunder Slot (SW) A. Wilkinson
Group C 8.51 seconds Jaguar XJR-9 (IN) D. Moore

(AW) = Anglewinder (IN) = Inline (SW) = Sidewinder

Notable Laps

Category Time Car Make Driver
Rally & Touring Cars (pre 2022) 7.98 seconds Alfa Romeo 155 (IN) J. Secchi
Club Cars (pre 2022) 9.31 seconds Lotus Cortina Custom (IN) D. Moore
Thunder Sports 7.46 seconds Mercedes-AMG NSR / BRM (AW) M. Keown
Thunder Sports 7.56 seconds McLaren M8D / Dodo (SW) S. Carter